We are currently in private beta test phase. While we work hard to launch Vaasara, we value your opinion and suggestions. Feel free to reach us at Hi@Vaasara.com and we will try our best to accommodate your requests.

  • About Us

    1. What is Vaasara?

    Vaasara is a digital company that develops and operates salon & spas management software and app, driven by data insights, market factors and customer feedback.

    Our products include:

    • UAE’s first mobile app for men and women to book salon appointments: a 24x7 booking platform that puts customers and salons in control, you can now book stylists, times and prices that best suit you
    • A cloud based, booking management platform for salons and spas that give our partners the control to manage and share information on their services, prices, offers, stylists, opening hours and a lot more

    2. What is our story?

    Outside family and friends, a key relationship is with someone who knows how our hair flops when cut or how our skin reacts when scrubbed.

    We are global gypsies. Always on the move. It was difficult to find that “right” relationship when we moved to a new neighborhood or while we traveled. We constantly searched for info that would tell us, if there is a hair stylist or beauty professional where we can go, close to the airport before catching a flight or close to a school before picking up our kids. Something that helps us search, compare prices, rate services and share experiences with each other.

    This need to simplify lives and find quality service led our team of fiercely passionate and adventurous minds to - VAASARA!!!

    In Sanskrit, Vaasara means every day.

    For our users, Vaasara will mean a new way of experiencing beauty treatments.

    For our service providers and partners, Vaasara will bring them closer to customers like never before.

    For us, Vaasara is a beauty revolution!!!

  • Vaasara Users

    1. How do I book an appointment?

    • Step 1: Search for a salon across our 4 main categories (women, men, unisex or home services). You can also filter location, user ratings and opening hours
    • Step 2: Select your preferred services
    • Step 3: Select your favorite stylists at your preferred date and time
    • Step 4: Pay online or directly at the salon using cash or card

    2. How does the booking system work?

    Salons will use the Vaasara booking software to update their service catalogue, booking system and price list to independently control their calendar and on-site availability of their stylists.

    As a result, all available appointments showing on the app can be booked. If you encounter inaccurate availability listed on site, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will get in touch with the salons to make corrections promptly.

    3. How can you contact us?

    Feel free to reach out to us at Hi@Vaasara.com

    4. Can I modify my appointment?

    Sure! Anytime before 2 hours from the start of your appointment, you can change your stylist, date or time

    5. Will I be charged if I cancel my appointment?

    Your appointments are very important to the salons/spas. It is reserved especially for you and we understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary.

    Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, the salons/spas miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on the waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. For that reason, we encourage you to modify your appointment or pass on your booking to a friend. After all everyone, needs pampering

    • Any cancellations done on the same day of booking, before midnight, will result in a FULL REFUND
    • Any cancellations done after midnight, will incur a one-time transaction charge of 6% of the total booking amount
    • For example – If the booking was done at 5pm on 1st July for 10am on 2nd July, full money will be refunded if the booking is cancelled before 11:59 on 1st July itself. In case of cash bookings, cancellation fee maybe charged on the next booking.

    Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment. Please allow for up to 45 days for the refund transfer to be completed.

    6. What will happen if I am late for my appointment?

    Vaasara advises the users to arrive 10 minutes in advance of the scheduled booking time. The salon will do their best to keep your arranged appointments, however they may have to shorten or change the appointment to ensure the stylists and other guests for the day are not affected.

    The salon also reserves the right to cancel your booking and allocate the time to other users in case of late arrivals and Vaasara shall in no manner be liable for such cancellation initiated by the salon. Vaasara/ Salon hereby reserves its right to retain 5% of the booking amount, in the event the user is late by more than 15 minutes from the scheduled booking time without intimation and/or fails to show up at the salon and spa.

    7. What happens if I book, but not show up for the appointment?

    “NO SHOWS” will be charged 5%of the booking amount as cancellation fee. In case of cash bookings, cancellation fee may be charged on the next booking.

    8. I can’t get in touch with the salon, what should I do?

    In case you have trouble getting in touch with a salon, please contact us and we will forward your details on to our contact at the spa/salon, with a request to contact you promptly.

    9. How can I make a complaint about a salon/spa?

    We know that salons will strive to provide you good quality service, but if you are unhappy with a service provided, you can let them know by giving them feedback on our app.

    It is also recommendedthat you take up your objections at the appointment time with the salon. Please try to speak to the owner or manager as often misunderstandings, mistakes or problems can be addressed or rectified right away by the salon.

    Failing that, please write to Consumer Protection Unity of Government of UAE at: https://www.government.ae/en/information-and-services/justice-safety-and-the-law/consumer-protection

    10. Is the app free?

    App is free to download and use. Like all good things in life. You will only pay for the bookings that you make. Price of each service you book will depend on the price listed by individual salons and spas. See picture.

    There may be charges for Vaasara Diamond Membership, which will change from time to time. Currently, the users pay AED 100 for 3 months to get 10% off on all services at diamond salons. For more details, please download the app, as soon as, it is launched.

    11. Will I get a payment confirmation?

    Yes. You will get payment confirmation immediately in the app itself. If you also require an email, please add your email address in the profile to receive an email confirmation within 24 hours from payment confirmation.

  • Vaasara Partners

    1. I am a Salon, how do I register my salon?

    If you are a salon providing services in UAE and would like to use our salon & spa management software and/ or list on the mobile app, go to www.vaasara.com and click on “List Your Business” on the home page.

    2. My salon is already listed on Vaasara. How do I claim the listing?

    If you are already listed, that is half the work done. go to www.vaasara.com, click on “For Salons & Spas” and then on “Claim Your Listing”. Our team will get in touch!

    3. How do we advertise on Vaasara mobile app?

    Salons can advertise their offers and discounts using personalized banners on the Vaasara app in four different categories – Women, Men, Unisex and Home Services. We require that:

    • Your salon should be registered on the Vaasara app
    • There should be atleast one high resolution picture that represent the offer
    • Details of the offer i.e. discount details, days applicable, services applicable

    For further details and pricing plans, please contact us onHi@Vaasara.com.

    You can also post offers on your salon landing page. Currently we are providing this service for FREE.

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