Take charge of your day

  • Bring your customer closer

    Our salon and spa management software connects to a mobile app where the customer can easily search your salon based on location, ratings and opening hours, book online, pay online or in cash directly to you.

  • Only you see customer feedback

    While the customer will be able to see your salon’s ratings on the mobile app, their comments will only be for your eyes. It gives you a chance to improve on your mistakes in discretion.

  • Attract new customers

    With new offers and bundles updated constantly, you can attract new customers.

  • Retain old customers

    Improve your relationship with your clients by looking at their history and provide personalized experiences

  • Plan your day

    The platform allows you to plan your week by looking at forthcoming appointments

  • Sail smoothly

    Our software simplifies booking appointments to allow you to concentrate on your clients needs

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