Date: 2021-01-21
By: Deepti Mohanty

A spa ritual for the first time is an experience worth remembering. As a beginner, you will observe quite a lot of differences in your body and mental state after the therapy. However, there can be questions in your mind regarding the process and the mechanisms that you will go through. Let us elucidate here the key facts that you should know before going to a spa -

Massage therapy can miraculously treat many ailments. Some of these include insomnia, stress, weight control, back pain, headaches, and so on. However, there are some specific massage techniques that are especially applied just for relaxation. Clear your mind if you just want to unwind or whether you are looking for ailment-specific treatments and tell your therapist clearly about it. Also, communicate with your therapist regarding the degree of pressure applied by him/her.

Ideally, the therapist should provide consultation regarding the treatment that you should undergo based on your condition and requirements. However, you can also choose a specific service that you have a preference for.

Now the process, which again differs from therapy to therapy. However, in a top-scale spa, the therapy room will ideally comprise soothing and aromatic candle lights, fresh flowers, mild lighting and can also be accompanied by subtle instrumental music.

While in the session, you need to adhere to a few spa etiquettes. Since the basic idea behind every therapy is relaxation, you need to focus on your body rather than distractions like a mobile phone or tablet. Also, maintain punctuality and be in the salon a little before the scheduled time so that you do not rush into the process.

When it is your first time, be sure to tell the attendant about your preferences while booking your slot. This may include your choice of therapist, whether the therapist should be a male or a female. Also, if you have a reference, tell that right away at the time of booking.

If you are availing a combination of services at the spa, choose the order accordingly. For example, if you have chosen to get both body and face massage, opt for the body massage to be done at first.

Most of all, visiting a spa is all about wellness and rejuvenation. So, on the first even spa venture, go without anxiety or last-minute hesitations. It is going to be a different experience than a normal facial, and you are going to enjoy every bit of it. We all commit trivial mistakes on new expeditions which is absolutely normal. So, keep away your inhibitions and take the full plunge into the world of blissful experience of a body spa.

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