Date: 2020-08-30
By: Deepti Mohanty

Think of your last ‘New Year’ celebration. While most of us were laughing away and ready to welcome 2020, this year has been quite a disaster. The onset of the COVID-19 has shaken the entire world and left them guessing as to what is yet to unfold. Gone are the times when we felt young and free because now, we are ‘masked and afraid’. Our entire life revolves around sanitizing and safety for ourselves and our loved ones.

The World Health Organization has set comprehensive guidelines on health-protecting sanitation and left us washing our hands regularly. Washing hands too many times can lead to abrasion of skin which normally protects the moisture and entry of harmful bacteria. People are resorting to the use of hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizer is an alcoholic liquid, gel, or foam that kills pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) present on your hands. The main ingredient in a hand sanitizer is alcohol – ethanol [2], isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), propanol, etc. We urge you to delve into your locus of control. What is going on in the environment is beyond our control, however, we can make wise choices to fight this pandemic.

We’ve jotted on a list of pointers that you can adopt to keep safe and sanitize without damaging your hair and skin:

- Usage of disposable products
The advantage of using disposable products is the fact that we need not reuse it. This single fact helps us avoid the sanitation of any products that we are using reducing our dependency on washing or sanitizers.

- Resort to online payment mechanisms
You may be that ‘unlucky’ one who has received the note used by someone who was tested positive. It is advisable to eliminate the transfer of notes or coins in order to avoid physical contact. An online payment mechanism works beautifully to ensure we have what we need without putting ourselves at risk.

- Best rated items
Due to the pandemic, most services are going out of their way to tell customers that they are doing the needful to avoid any spread. We could check the ratings and reviews for people who have taken the plunge or trying and testing service. It gives us more confidence when someone has explored something already and has relatively good feedback.

- Use hand moisturizers and conditioners
Excessive use of sanitizers may leave the skin and hair awfully dry and weary. To combat this, we should get a bucket full of moisturizers and conditioners to hydrate your hands and hair. The immediate application has suggested keeping the hands and hair soft and moist.

- The new normal is also ‘home-made’ remedies
Remember how your grandmother has a desi solution for all the problems. Now is the time to try all those quirky suggestions because guess what? They actually work. You could use egg, honey, curd, and gram flour – all ingredients available at home to control the damage of sanitizing.

- Glove it up
Cover your hands with gloves when you are doing the dishes. Prolonged exposure to water can suck out the moisture from your hands.


To sum it up for you, we urge you to indulge yourself in self-pampering. Develop a skincare regime with your trusted parlor, use dermatologically tested products, customize things for yourself according to your issues.

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