Date: 2020-08-13
By: Deepti Mohanty

If you ruminate on the word ‘beauty', we envisage a woman. However, this idea is now metamorphosing. The ideals are now transposing. We are a generation that obsesses over selfies. We have added filters to our life, we are more au courant of appearance. People are walking that extra mile to feel comfortable in ‘how they look’. While to begin with this association was limited to women, now men are also taking cognizance of this trend. We have progressed to an era where cosmetic regimes and routines inspire men as they aim to look polished. It is just to say that men have acceptance of metrosexuality and are jeering towards ways of enhancing how they look. Social media has helped turn men’s makeup and grooming from a “why” to a “why not”.

The male grooming industry has boomed. Over the recent years, male skincare and hair products are growing and it’s only likely for more trends to evolve and grow in the years to come. Men’s makeup looks at as a route to happiness, confidence, and self – actualization.

A recent YouGov survey uncovered that roughly 1 in 20 British men now wear makeup with 1 in 50 wearing it on a weekly basis and 1 in 100 wearing it daily. But it isn’t cosmetics that are surging – it’s male grooming. Popular bank HSBC even had to create a new consumer group for internal marketing, referred to as the ‘young urban male professional.’ Their consumer interests? Spending their salaries on working out and grooming.

We’ve established a few trends that we will witness over the next few years.


- Makeup for men
For many years, the use of makeup has been heavily associated with the use by women, but it is slowly making an appearance within the male domain too. When we reflect on years gone by where black eyeliner and heavy eye makeup were relatable to rock stars and celebrities back in the day, this is slowly making a comeback. Major consumer makeup brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford have previously released makeup lines that have been solely targeted towards men which have had a huge impact on its use within society. It will mean anything from eyebrow kits to foundations and bronzers to beard pencils, they’re more than likely to be found in the suit jacket of a modern man.

- Grooming of body hair
Haircare for men has been a prominent trend for many years as the growth of the beard has grown in more ways than one. Where in the past, males may have looked at ways to remove unwanted hair from their bodies, barbershops have understood there’s now a trend for good hair care with men and we now see many more services in barbershops that we may not have seen long ago. Now, customers are able to enter a modern barbershop and request more than just a nice trim at the top of their head. Whether you require your beard to be shaped and pampered or even need a tidy up for your eyebrows, we’re now seeing services related to do threading and waxing more common and this can all easily be done through the services that are provided by your local barber.

- Cosmetic trends for men
Cosmetics are no longer taboo in the eyes of men, as even 82% of them admit that they put care products in their shopping baskets. As this survey dates back to 2011, it is likely that since then the percentage of men shopping for care products has increased significantly. The world of men’s cosmetics is no longer limited to cologne and shaving products. Men are increasingly often reaching for products for men intended for body care and facial care, as well as intimate hygiene.

- Surge in men hair treatments
Traditionally all a man ever needed was a barber, pair of scissors, and a blade. However, now men are ready to take on with experimenting. Men are investing both time and money in various hair care routines and other treatments related to hair.


Research and development are continuously being conducted as businesses look to make a breakthrough product that will hit the consumer market by storm, so don’t be surprised to see brand new trends appear out of nowhere for the male targets. Men beauty is the ‘new normal.’

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