Date: 2020-09-30
By: Deepti Mohanty

We are new and improved ver 2.0!


But, what does this mean for you as a salon/ spa owner?

1. You don’t need fancy social media managers and designers

Just 1 screen will tell your users:

- how your salon looks like

- Your salon details (address, map, free parking available, credit cards accepted or not, wifi available or not, etc.)

- Your offers

- Price list

By clicking on the share button, you can instantly share it with your Whatsapp list. We cannot see your data, nor do we want to. All we care about is that you should connect with your customers quickly and without the burden of hiring designers. social media managers, etc.

2. You can advance your salon name through filters
Our filters will allow the users to search for:

  • SAFE salons/ spas (If you are not marked “safe” yet, complete this form)
  • Salons/ spas open before 9 am and closes after 6 pm
  • Rated over 3.5+ by users
  • Sort by location
  • Sort salons from highest rates salons/ spas

3. Use common search keywords, so user can find your service easily
Our advanced search capabilities will allow users to search for services easily now.
Here, we suggest you use commonly used words, as far as, possible. For example – A user may not know what is “micro-needling”. We suggest using “Facial- Microneedling” in your price list. So, when a user searches for “Facial”, your service will come up too.

4. User ratings will matter
93% of the customers view comments before making a buying decision.

  • Now users will be able to read comments left by previous customers.
  • Salons rated 3.5+ will show on the home screen under “Top Rated Salons & Spas”
  • User will be able to search for your salon if you are rated over 3.5+ using filters


5. “Skip Stylist” option will be available at request

Users can just select service, date, time and make the payment. Keep in mind, only 7% of the users cancel after paying online.

6. Promo codes can be automatically applied
Now the user does not have to remember what discounts you have running in a salon. He can select it from the list and automatically apply.

7. Sell packages without asking the customer to come to the salon
This great module allows the user to search for a package at your salon based on a service that they need. Buy it and then schedule it any time before the expiry date of the package.
You can sell these in lean periods and ensure that cash flow is maintained.

8. Go chemical-free!
Our offers will allow you to highlight when you use ammonia-free colors or ayurvedic treatments. After covid, everyone is focused on wellness and this is your opportunity to highlight such treatments.

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