Date: 2020-04-29
By: Deepti Mohanty

Beings, of all kinds, have meaning in their lives because of the contact they can achieve with their counterparts. The intelligent, strive to make contact easier- we have gone so far as to make reaching people on the other ends of the map, excruciatingly easy. And now, we have reached a juncture, where instincts are damned- social distancing is the new normal, for now.

You are the owner of an establishment centered around making contact with your customers, and you find yourself in a time where the very roots of your business are turned upside down. Skills that beautify, groom, and maintain human aesthetics, are unquestionably difficult to be attached with the E-tag that has taken much of our world by storm. The sculptor carves his statue in person.

Customer-facing business owners alike will face the pinch that comes from the famine faced by the business accounts once rife with activity. Salaries, utilities, expenses- fixed and variable, doors shut by the government's arduous chains, the list is long.

However, it is a misconception to think that sitting idle is your only option. If there is anything to learn from the lessons that our world leaders are showing us in live time, it is that the proactive, not the reactive take the cake.

Here are some thoughts to get you flowing:


- Strategize to Adapt to the New “Normal” – How often do you as a business owner find yourself in a position where you have the opportunity to analyze your business decisions- what has worked well for you and what has not? What would you like to change or improve? What have you done well? Staying relevant is survival.

- Communicate with Your Customers – Keep the channels with your clients open. Focus on the people, help them out in any way they need, home remedies, tips, etc.- support, especially when not expected will build loyalty. Reassure them that you can keep them safe when they come in and that you are following all the stipulated rules. It's time to show them that your salon can be their sanctuary like it always was.

- Prepare for Post Lockdown- Staff doctor checkups, sanitization drives, videos showing sanitization efforts, and social media posts that show your customers that you will do the best to keep them safe- Building customer confidence is key. Additionally, you can sign up with platforms that will offer your customers a cashless and zero-waiting appointment booking experience (Here is one such company).

- DIY Kits – An interesting opportunity, especially for services where the main ingredient is the product and not the skill. Coloring those greys can do more for your customer's psyche now than ever before. You are after all in a business that is built around self-care and appreciation.

- Sell Packages to be Booked Anytime- It’s time to show your customers how flexible you can be. It’s a world where discounts are the biggest factor in decisions when it comes to consumer spending. Besides, revenue now is much needed.

- Prepare for The Worst - Consider what you will do in case of another lockdown- pre-measure your decisions and try not to let externalities catch you off guard.


It is doubtless that this time is as challenging as any we will ever face. Even so, it is also true that we will come out of it- but until then, stay active, stay positive and stay safe.

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