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Vaasara means “Every day”. When my team asked me to write this section for the website, the first thoughts that came to my mind was that - Vaasara is a dream, a hope, a plan that me and my team has seen together and we work every day to make it a reality. Two years ago, we identified an opportunity in Dubai to digitize the beauty industry. There was a gap in the market that we looked to fill by connecting the users to salons and spas directly. Two years, two rounds of funding, over 400 salons and spas, several tens of thousands customers, from home office to a 'proper’ office, from 1 team member to many globally, here we are in 2020. As a company, our focus remains to listen to our customer and continually evolve our products and processes. At times we hit the bull’s eye immediately. At times, it takes us a while. Either way, our focus remains on customer experience. The core values that Vaasara stand on remains respect, empathy, trust, result orientation and strategic thinking. When Covid hit the world, as a small company that is growing fast, we had to hit the brakes on several strategic projects. However, that period also allowed us to show our flexibility and agility to the world. We launched the #MySalonIsSafe campaign, during lockdown. We worked with our partner salons and spas to self-declare themselves “Safe” against a checklist of actions either established by WHO or by the UAE government. Within weeks, we had over 100 establishments that were marked “Safe”. We understand what it means to be a business in these times and while we proceed with our plans, we want to anchor our partner salons and spas to stay relevant in the new normal.

Deepti Mohanty

Founder & CEO

Vasudha Madan


Glenda Vaz

Data Scientist

Radhika Bhutani

Partner Happiness Manager

Jay Tewani

Project Manager

Mitali Bansal

Onboarding & Training Manager

Shana Abdul Samad

Partner Happiness Manager

Shruti Shukla

Business Development Manager

Marko Kazic

Head of Marketing

Niharika Kedia

Head of Sales

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mobile: +971 (0) 58 578 6679